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Publication date: May 2017
Dietrich Mateschitz Kastner & Partners

How The Bull Learned To Fly

The Red Bull Cartoons

How it all began

Dietrich Mateschitz founded Red Bull in the mid-1980s. He created the Red Bull-recipe and developed a unique marketing strategy for Red Bull. On April 1st, 1987, the very first Red Bull energy drink was sold in Austria. This not only marked the introduction of a completely new product, but also the emergence of a completely new product category. Today, Red Bull is available in more than 170 countries and until today, more than 60 billion cans of the drink have been consumed.

Mateschitz was able to find a congenial partner in Johannes Kastner and his advertising agency Kastner & Partners. The two of them dedicated themselves so uncompromisingly to the Red Bull project that their friendship almost ended because of it. No idea could satisfy the Mateschitz’s critical eye, until Kastner startled Mateschitz from his sleep late one night with a phone call: »I got it: Red Bull gives you wings.« One of the most iconic advertising slogans in the world was born.

The functional drink was meant to invigorate mind and body in equal measures and deliver the energy needed for that. It supplies athletes with renewed energy, motivates creative types to take off on new flights of fancy. That’s what Kastner & Partners developed the Red Bull cartoon strategy for: famous characters, universal stories or important events with which a broad audience can identify, are to be found in the so-called »Bigger than life«-stories with an unexpected turn. Still, even with all those wonderful properties, the brand is meant to pull off a big dose of self-irony as well: »If you can laugh about yourself, you get more out of life.« A graphic realization containing exactly those factors, that is: mind and body, energy and wings, humor and self-irony, was tweaked.

Unter dem Verlagsnamen PANTAURO erscheinen Bücher und Bildbände aus den vielfältigen Lebenswelten von Red Bull – angefangen von Jos Pirkners Gesamtkunstwerk des Headquarters in Fuschl, über Abenteuer von Athleten wie z. B. den Extremkletterern Stefan Glowacz und Chris Sharma, Culture, Paperwings zum weltweiten Papierflieger-Wettbewerb von Red Bull, bis hin zu außergewöhnlichen kulinarischen Konzepten wie dem Ikarus im Hangar-7. Gemeinsam ist den teilweise mehrsprachigen Büchern der Anspruch an die inhaltliche und gestalterische Qualität, wie auch die Liebe zum Detail.


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